Building back better
in South Lanarkshire

Published: 17 November 2022

GMG is delighted to announce that some South Lanarkshire residents are returning home for Christmas, one year after a fire damaged a large part of the estate.

Our specialist team have refurbished three blocks of properties in Kirkconnell Drive, Rutherglen, including the section that was affected by the blaze. This follows our announcement last year that South Lanarkshire Council had awarded us the renovation contract.

The project involved everything from stripping and replacing roof coverings and fascias, to remediation of fire damage and installing cavity wall insulation (CWI). Residents will feel the benefits of the CWI system this winter and see savings on their energy bills. We also added new rendering to the external walls which will help protect the fabric of the building and future-proof it for years to come.

The project was headed up by Contract Manager Gary McGinn who said: “It’s projects like these that make you realise how important our job at GMG really is. We hope that through our work we have provided the residents with a welcoming new home just in time for Christmas, especially after the ordeal that they went through.”

GMG Contractors Ltd is also pleased to have been entrusted by South Lanarkshire Council for two other important projects – including our transformation at Glebe Gardens and an upcoming project in Kilncroft Terrace in Douglas.

For more information on how GMG Contractors can help you with your refurbishment, maintenance or build projects, contact us by email or talk to a member of the team by calling 0141 771 1288.

The front elevation of the Kirkconnell Drive building looking brilliant with it's GMG makeover
A corner elevation of the Kirkconnell Drive buildings looking crisp and new after it's GMG makeover
How the Kirkconnell buildings looked before their redevelopment
How the Kirkconnell buildings looked before their redevelopment
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