Refurb to the four in Dalkeith

Published: 14 October 2021

FOUR-IN-A-BLOCK flats and other residential properties are undergoing a major refurbishment by GMG.

The homes in Musselburgh Road and James Lean Street, Dalkeith, have been earmarked for rendering upgrades by Midlothian Council.

The project – worth between £810,000 and £1.1million – has been under way since July, 2021, and is ongoing.

It involves re-rendering, roof and drainage repairs, chimney re-rendering and gutter clearing.

The programme of works gives GMG another opportunity to provide valuable instruction and experience for their apprentices.

As a company, GMG are committed not only to on-the-job training of apprentices to the highest standards but to broadening their skills base too – to improve their employability and life chances.

Site Manager John Stirling said: “Being on site from day one, having the chance to liaise with the residents, sub-contractors and council alike is both challenging and rewarding but very worthwhile.

“The feedback with regards to the work has been very positive and with progression being made through the local community I can only say I am looking forward to seeing the project through to completion, as results are already exceptional.”


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