Mental Health Awareness Week

Published: 15 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from May 15 – 21 and is an annual event created by the Mental Health Foundation

This year the focus is on anxiety – one of the most common mental health problems affecting up to six out of ten adults. The campaign aims to raise awareness of anxiety and increase understanding of what can be done to prevent it from becoming overwhelming. 

GMG continues to develop resources to support mental health in the workplace and last year we appointed our first ‘GMG Listeners’ – Daniel McGinn and Elis Cappie. 

Daniel and Elis are qualified Mental Health First Aiders and their door is always open. They can help anyone in the team who is struggling with anxiety, whether it’s over work, their personal life or any other situation. 

Their contact details can be found in the company’s communal area, along with other useful phone numbers and resources, such as details of the charity Samaritans.

A GMG representative said: “The appointment of our GMG Listeners came at a significant time for the construction industry, when it was found that suicide had become the number one cause of death in the sector. As a company, we care deeply about our colleagues, and wish for them all to feel listened to and supported. If you are struggling at all, please reach out to our Listeners. Support will always be available at GMG.”

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