GMG Maintain Investors in Young People Gold

Published: 1 October 2019

GMG first achieved Investors in Young People (IIYP) in 2014 – the first accredited Scottish construction company to do so.

The following year, GMG became the first SME company in the UK to achieve IIYP Gold.

Investors in Young People accreditation recognises organisations as an employer of choice, highlighting practices and pathways that have positive outcomes for young people and creating a talent pool for the future.

There is a social impact too, helping reduce youth unemployment.

Following our annual review, we are proud to announce we have maintained our Gold Accreditation. We look forward to maintaining this status, as it assists GMG to give our youth the opportunity of entering the world of work.

One area that was spoken about in our review was the “growth mindset” – the belief that people’s most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

GMG believe that no matter the ability of the apprentice, they can become qualified in their field.

It’s the frequently repeated company message: “The only thing you need to succeed at GMG is a work ethic.”

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