‘Unbelievable’ transformation of capital city flats

Published: 7 October 2022

We are known for delivering the ‘unbelievable’ and client satisfaction is at the heart of our business. That is why GMG is pleased to unveil our transformative work in Dumbryden Grove, Edinburgh.

Over the last 10 months, we have overhauled the city development to help residents reduce the cost of heating their homes and contribute to cutting Scottish carbon emissions. Work was also undertaken on the exteriors to modernise and enhance the aesthetics of the homes.

In our first project for Edinburgh City Council, we worked in partnership with Changeworks, Scotland’s leading environmental charity, and Home Energy Scotland, who part-funded the refurbishment.

The development was in need of serious renovations, including roughcasting, external wall insulation, common aerial, satellite and door entry system upgrades, concrete repairs, roofing and asbestos removal.

Our expert team was led by our Contract Manager Gary McGinn: “The conditions of the buildings and their surroundings really stood out compared to the other projects we have worked on, and therefore made an unbelievable transformation on completion.

“The four residential blocks are of mixed tenure, so there was a lot of liaison work and open communication needed between the tenants and owners. This has created excellent community relationships.”

Gary added: “Prior to the work starting, we actively listened and understood the requirements, and the finished product has brought affordable warmth with a modern finish to the homes.”

Commercial Manager Paul O’Hare added: “We are extremely proud of this project and are excited to have worked in these new partnerships. We have changed the look of the development with a modern finish, and have improved the energy efficiency of the homes as well.

Published on: 7 October 2022.

Pre-renovations, the buildings looked dated and run down
Now the buildings are a breath of fresh air for visitors and residents
New cladding on the Dumbryden buildings improves the views from the local play park
A rear and side elevation shows off new cladding and pipe work
A close up of the new look Dumbryden buildings from the children's play park
A blue sky highlights the fresh look and feel of the Dumbryden buildings
A blue sky above highlights the fresh look and feel of the Dumbryden buildings
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