North Lanarkshire framework

North Lanarkshire Council five-year framework
North Lanarkshire Council
Two-years (with optional extensions)

The project

As GMG were delivering multiple projects at one time, all tasks and site activities were planned well in advance to ensure capacity and delivery goals were met.

This also involved, where practicable, the moving of resources from site to site on a daily basis. As most of the works involved occupied properties, GMG identified all potential risks to the public and neighbouring properties by carrying out site-specific assessments daily.


The project followed four key stages – design, pre-construction, procurement and construction. GMG agreed on the final system design and specification with NLC, prior to contract sign-off and carried out the works as per the project plan, method statement, framework contract, and adhering to all applicable legislation, regulations and acts for the works.


All KPIs and milestones were met, which helped ensure an attractive, comfortable and effective outcome for the residents of the numerous properties involved, which now have a striking visual appeal. Also, as part of GMG’s community benefits commitment, 10 new starts were employed on the programme – three adult and seven youth apprentices, all from the local area, helping to expand the workforce and offering security of future skilled labour for years to come.

This contract has been extended, and you can read our project update here.

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